It is impossible

It is impossible The matrimonial relations have to be your main care and always be in the center of your attention.

It is impossible to allow that parental problems threatened to split you as a married couple.

Try to understand and support the points of view of each of you.

If you want to get support of the spouse in your efforts to change behavior of his child, do not begin with attacks to it: It the selfish, spoiled and angry little girl, etc.

it will only cause the instant reaction of the father pushing him to rise in defense of the child.

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Ia to them

Ia to them But as it is sensible all this work is carried out!

Inside the pka is the tiny teacher working as those old DNYS of teacher who got used to force children at first to reproach aloud the alphabet, and then to say syllables and words.

Ia to them an exception that they do it at the wrong time, when I tsok already made all this for himself and completely owns and to them!

The internal teacher, on the contrary, does it in the necessary time.

The child at first acquires sounds, and then syllables, following to consecutive process, same logical, as well as language.

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Members The team occupied in the project included the psychiatristconsultant, the school psychologist, the social worker and the musical therapist, and also the teachers and house teachers who were engaged with boys at school and at home.

Members of team closely cooperated with each other and regularly provided reports on the reached results and behavior of children.

These three boys studied at school about a year when I got to work.

My work was significant part of the project: new element, new person, unfamiliar situation.

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The method

The method However at that time it could not keep in an educational situation.

Therefore in the beginning I applied the method called by me partnership when the teacher does not learn, and acts as the pupil's partner, freely changing with it tool parties.

The method which is giving immediate return, not imposing any standards of game, not demanding achievements.

In the course of it I tried to force Jeffrey to realize abilities inherent in it.

On the first occupations the boy got some movement skills necessary for game on different tools.

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Such under

Such under зз^ожности to train a SI sheaf The III Only medicine here to relieve it from odinoche that and to allow to join social life.

Such under it is natural and eccoHaTe.

nbHojrro^ many countries.

We have to understand and apply it is comprehended, in re understanding iIi.


Some reflections about language Let's address now to how the child seizes speech.

It should be analysed, differently we will not be able to see communication of language with social life.

Language not only unites people in groups and the nations, but also is the basic difference of the person from animals.

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